"Lonnie makes us better players and people.  He is fun, energetic, and experienced. Most importantly he cares about us. Lonnie takes time in each practice to discuss individually how we can improve in all areas of the game." - Joe Longo

“Coach Lonnie is a great coach.  In practice we are always learning something new, but he also makes practices a lot of fun, especially when he gets the “dinger” bat out!  Coach Lonnie takes the time to talk to each player and give us feedback so we can become smarter players. Coach Lonnie and the entire Blizzard Club remind us to work hard in baseball and work hard in school. I am very proud to be a Blizzard player." -Bennett McCollow

"Lonnie makes you work hard and uses his own in-game experiences to teach you.  He wants you to succeed and always says that there is no one better than you if you put in the work." - Willem Aldrich