I have known Adam Barta for seven years. Our first interaction was on a phone call as Kasey and I were returning from a baseball trip at Cooperstown NY, in 2006. I recall like yesterday saying to my wife, " Wow what a great guy, he really cares about the kids and loves baseball---we should see if Kasey could make a team"  How understated I was on that day...what a special journey we were about to embark on!!
Seven years later, as I reflect on my sons great experiences with the MBA/Blizzard teams,  I say with experience and confidence that Adam and staff deliver unmatched levels of passion for the development of boys; into young men, the development of baseball skills & life skills, far surpasses what I thought as I hung up the phone on that day in 2006. He talks at length with each new player, every team, every year, about the Big 10 Values of the MBA/Blizzard program. I have seen first hand, in the face of adversity and the pinnacle of National Championships, that these Big 10 Values NEVER waiver in Adam or his program.
I can't say enough about the great young men, new relationships, great baseball vacations, life lessons and passion filled baseball talks we have had in the last seven years. I am proud when I tell people about how the MBA/Blizzard program developed my son into a young man and a solid baseball player who RESPECTS the game. He is headed to his next big challenge, college life and college baseball with the values that will guide him for the rest of his life.
The MBA/Blizzard programs brought us a lifetime of great memories, priceless windshield time with my son driving to lessons and practices and relationships built through challenges, health scares and many other of life's lessons...
One situation I recall that memorializes the positive attitudes and the integrity of the program was this; the boys were 14 and were 0-3 in a Spring Training Tourney in Arizona...the lowest seed in the tourney and playing the #1 seed in the tourney that had beaten us badly earlier in the year in Las Vegas....Adam Barta's positive attitude never wavered. he kept teaching those boys like no losses had occurred. He kept the boys positive and was saying "we're gonna win two games tomorrow and get our way back into the C-Ship game"...and don't you know, the boys came out that next day and won two!!  Just one example, of many, of the positive can-do attitude, that Adam instills in his coaches and players. (SEE #1-#5 on the Big 5 Values!!!)
To Adam and all the great coaches that shared these seven special years with us, I say well done!!  I'll always look back in amazement at the consistency and positive energy in which you deliver your values everyday!
Thanks for the journey!!
Mike, Chris, Kasey and Shelby Ralston