"There are many qualities that a coach can have that will set him apart from the rest in a positive way. After working with him over the past season, I quickly discovered Al Newman had a ton of these traits.  Newman quickly taught me how to handle myself on and off the field as a professional. I believe that after working with Al, I bettered myself as a ball player just about as much as I did a person. As a member of his team, you quickly learned the importance of not only being on time, but being early and practicing it wherever you went, and whatever you did.  The second thing that can very easily be seen in Al is his passion in what he does. It is very apparent he is there for the players and his goal is to make them better. His time and dedication are unparalleled. And lastly, his knowledge of the sport cannot go unmentioned.  It is seemingly endless. With his major league experience and time as a professional coach, the man has a tremendous amount to offer. Any player who has the opportunity the play ball under Al is truly privileged." - Tyler Midas