Minnesota Blizzard Baseball Coaching

Coaching an Elite Blizzard team is not only a baseball coaching job – it’s a way of life for many of our current coaches.  Many of our coaches who coach in our Elite program have said it is the time of the year they look forward to most and many have been with us since the beginning.

Job Description

Each head coach is responsible for team management including practices, practice plans, game day activity (line-ups, tournament check-in, equipment, etc.), room check, team outings, recording scores via GameChanger, etc, game and tournament recaps, team communications (rain outs, time changes, etc.), management of team paperwork (birth certificates, USSSA registration, etc.)

Other Requirements

-Flexibility with current job.  We typically fly out the day before a tournament starts and fly back the night of the last game or the day after.

-Valid driver’s license (team travel)

Dates Required


Usually one weekday and one weekend practice throughout the length of the season. 

Spring Program is typically 2 months long (March and April) 2-3 tournaments

Summer Program is typically 3 months long (May, June, July) 5-7 tournaments

Fall Program is usually 2 months long (August and September) 3-5 tournaments

Fall / Winter program is usually 5 months long (Aug - Dec) 5-7 tournaments

Each teams tournament dates are different and can be found on each program's respective page

Coaches Pay

$2,500 - $3,000 - long seasons

$750 - $1,250 - short seasons

  • Flights included (including baggage fees)
  • Hotels included
  • Meal money provided (typically $80-$100 / weekend)
  • Gas money, taxi fares, transportation
  • Uniform, apparel provided
  • Coaches Dinner - Every Month !