Travel Details - Hotels, Flights, Transportation


**15u – 18u  Players have the option to stay 4/room for traveling tournaments.  Hotel fees are voted on by the team (ages 15u-18u) but also will follow COVID protocols if needed.

10u – 14u players will be staying in a hotel room with their parents.  Parents are responsible for reserving and paying for your hotel room.

If your son is traveling alone and staying an extra day, there will be a $50 charge for an extra night of hotel and coaches transporting players to airport the following day.


All Blizzard Players should arrive at the Team Hotel on the day prior to the start of the Tournament.  For Example the Las Vegas, NV Tournament begins on Friday, October 29th, all flights should arrive on October 28th and return flights should be no earlier than 9pm on the last day of the tournament (Sunday, Oct. 31st).  Do not get flights departing in the afternoon on the last day of the tournament.  We recommend you either fly out LATE on the last day of the tournament or the following morning.

Solo Flights: If you are sending your son alone to a tournament, your flight itinerary must be sent to abarta@minnesotabaseballacademy or at least one week before the tournament.  We will pick your son up at the airport, make sure he gets checked into the hotel and take him back to the airport, get him checked in and make sure he gets to his gate.


Ages 15u-18u – All players will depart as a group from the hotel before each game.  After each game, players must check in with their coach if they are not going directly back to the hotel with the team.

Ages 10u-14u – All players will be staying in the same hotel room as their parent and will be traveling to the baseball fields with their parents as well.

Parents, please make arrangements to rent a car (or taxi) to get to the hotel when you arrive at your destination city.  Unless a player is flying alone, you are responsible for transportation back and forth.