Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do you manage pitch counts?

A:  Typically, we don’t like our pitchers (at the Varsity level) to get over 90 pitches in any outings and we do our best to stay under that.  In order to have a team, over half of the players on the team need to be a quality pitcher in order to equally distribute pitching time and manage pitch counts and stress on the arm.

In addition, we take 6-8 weeks (starting November 1st) off after the fall season to rest arms.

Q:  If there are two elite teams, how are the teams picked?

A:  The Blizzard Blue teams will have the top 12 players/prospects from the tryouts on the team.  Players who are graded out 13-24 will placed on the Blizzard Black roster if the staff feels like they can compete on a national level.

Q:  How many kids per team?

A:  Elite teams will carry a roster of 12-13 players.  We will carry additional members on the team if that additional member is a P.O. (pitcher only).  Pitcher only players will not play a position or hit during the tournament unless required to.  Blizzard fall teams will carry 12-14 players per team.

Q:  How are additional players, add-on/fill-in players picked and what is their role on the team?

A:  Every year, players are unable to go to some tournaments due to extenuating circumstances and our staff will be responsible for picking players to fill that void.  That player will be put in a position where he is going to be able to help the team the most.  It might be the starting shortstop, 3-hole hitter, additional outfielder or relief pitcher.  We’ll communicate with the team what everyone’s role is during the season and make sure everyone is on the same page with additional or add-on players.

Extra players or add-ons are typically picked from our existing Blizzard teams or from scout referrals.  Last year, our program picked up approximately 12 players to travel on the elite teams with us.  All of those players came from our Fall Blizzard program.

Q:  How is playing time determined? 

A:  Blizzard Elite:  Tournaments are usually 4-game guarantee (2 games on Friday / 2 games on Saturday) Players will bat in continuous order 1-12 with players receiving relatively equal defensive playing time.  If the team earns a playoff spot, the coach can opt to play 9 players.  One of the determining factors is the tournament rules.  If the tournament states we can only bat 10 players, we’ll rotate the other players in throughout each game.

Q:  What if I play another sport?

A:  If you play other sports that are going to interfere with a commitment to the Blizzard, please take that into consideration before trying out for Fall Blizzard or Blizzard Elite.  If a second sport interferes, you must let us know 30 days prior or be subject the regular Blizzard payments.  If we are notified beforehand, your Blizzard payment will go down $250/tournament.

Q:  Do we "the Parents" have to travel with our son?

A:  You do not need to travel with your son.  Players will either stay 4/room or stay with another family if you cannot make it.

Q:  What if I am picked as a pitcher only?

A:  You can tryout as a pitcher only and/or you might be chosen as a pitcher only.  If you are in one of these two scenarios, you will receive lessons to compensate offensive playing time.  Each player will be a case by case basis. 

Q:  What happens if a tournament gets rained out or cancelled?

A:  If weather is an issue in a tournament, we make up these events either through reschedule games, tournaments or Academy credit.

Q:  How many roster spots do you carry on a team? 

A:  Fall Blizzard teams will have a roster of 13-15 players.  Blizzard Elite teams will have rosters of 12-13 players with the option to add one or more pitcher onlys. 

Q:  Will there be chaperone's at the hotel?

A:  Yes.  Each team will have a chaperone on the road – either a coach or a parent to do bed check, etc.  All players are expected to follow the Blizzard guidelines and rules which will be covered in depth at the Blizzard meeting. 

Q:  When do we need to arrive at the hotel for the tournament?

A:   You need to book your flights at least one day before the tournament
starts.  Example:  If the tournament starts in Las Vegas, NV on Friday October
28th, you need to be to the Hotel by Thursday the 27th.

Q:  When should we book our Flight to Return back home?

A:   At most of the tournaments the Championship game is played at around
3pm on the last day of the tournament.  A 2 hour game would have it
completed at around 5pm.  Therefore you DO NOT WANT TO ARRANGE A FLIGHT ANY EARLIER THAN 8PM on the last day of the tournament. 

Q:  What if my son is flying alone?

A:  Players who are traveling alone, regardless of their age will be picked up at the airport by a coach, chaperone or a Blizzard parent.  Your flight information should be forwarded to as soon as it is booked.  If your son is staying an extra night because his flight leaves the day after the tournament, a minimal hotel fee ($50-$100) will be charged.