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Why the top Minnesota baseball prospects are choosing the Minnesota Blizzard in 2019-2020

05/16/2019, 4:15pm CDT
By Adam Barta, Minnesota Blizzard

2nd Round of Tryouts July 8th-10th at Benilde St. Margaret High School

Why the top Minnesota baseball prospects are choosing the Minnesota Blizzard

Our teams.
The Minnesota Blizzard is the most competitive and elite training-based baseball program in the state, with a strong tradition of producing the top players in Minnesota.

Our coaches and instructors.
Our coaches who have started with the program have stayed with the program, 15 of which have been here for at least five years and another five having been here for 10+ years.

Our development.
Data and result-driven training programs has been a staple of the Blizzard Academy (Vadnais Heights & Edina) since 2003.  Our well-informed trainers use up-to-date technology including Rapsodo, K-Vests, Blast Motion, and super slow-motion cameras for our individual and group sessions.

Our college and pro contacts.
Our vast network of college and pro scouts has led to over 350 college commits (including over 100 D1 players) and over 40 draft picks since our first graduating class in 2008.

Our showcases.
The Blizzard players and teams draw a lot of scouts.  We have run showcases since 2005 and will continue to do so this year including live-streamed showcases, our Under-Class White Sox Area Code identifier in August and stat and video-based events.

The competition we play.
The Blizzard travels to top-tier tournaments throughout the U.S., providing players the opportunity to play against some of the highest-level competition in the country including the last three years at the Perfect Game World Championships.

Our culture.
Relationships are everything.  Our players, families, coaches and alumni involvement are what drive our program.  The Blizzard is more than baseball – it’s a life experience with coaches who care and players who want to get better. 

Come tryout for the Minnesota Blizzard Elite and Fall teams beginning in June!  Go to:

OUR TROUT PAGE to register for tryouts and read more about our program!  I hope to see you there!

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