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"Blue gLove" Top Defensive Players of the Year Announced

11/07/2019, 12:45pm CST
By Adam Barta, Minnesota Blizzard

“Blue gLove” Top Defensive Player of the Year

The Blue gLove award is named after our top defensive player each season.  Whether it be the starting shortstop, a versatile utility player or an individual who seems to make an impact with his glove every game, these defensive vacuums have shown their ability to consistently impact the outcome of many games.

Liam Bogenholm (above) Varsity Gold National

"Blue gLove" Top Defensive Player Award Recipients

"Congrats to the 2019 Fall Blizzard award winners!  It is a great accomplishment to be recognized for your defensive play.  Continue to strive for greatness and trust in your preparation."  Ryan Burmeister, Blizzard Elite infield coach

10U Gold Vinny Bohle
11U Gold Blake Schultz
12U Blue Van Tellier
12u Gold Isaac Vervais
13U Blue Nick Johnson
13u Gold Reid Anderson
14U Black Louis Hertling
14U Blue Carson Schwartz / Colin Rowe
14u Gold Cayden Mueller
15U Black TJ Logan
15U Blue Jake Busson
15u Silver Seth Nelson
16U Black Sam Schneider
16U Blue Jackson Cooke
16u Gold Aiden Huotari
Varsity Black  Evan Esch
Varsity Blue  Jack Erickson
Varsity Gold American Ethan Smith
Varsity Gold National Jake Skogrund
Varsity Red Ryan Carlson


Luke Rausch (above) Blizzard Varsity Gold American

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Nick Novak (above) SS at Angelo State (TX)

Annual Post-Season Award Winners Announced
11.7.19: Blue gLove Top Defensive Players of the Year
11.11.19: "Joe Loftus" Top Hitter Award
11.15.19: "Logan Shore" Top Pitcher Award
11.18.19: "Johnny Price" Most Valuable Player Award
11.22.19: "Jake Kuschke" Leadership Award 

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