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Blizzard partners with MindStrong

12/19/2019, 9:15pm CST
By Adam Barta & Harvey Martin

MindStrong head quartering, offering classes at Blizzard Academy in Vadnais Heights

Welcome letter from Harvey Martin, Founder

Hello everyone!

We are so excited to be back with the Blizzard Baseball Academy this winter. We have been working with organizations across all sports since 2017 and Blizzard has been a big part of our growth as an organization. The culture here is strong and progressive. It is a platform that is extremely welcoming and advancing to not only us, but the athletes inside it. We have had the great opportunity to work within the field of human performance specializing in mental performance, recovery and unique movement practices that enhance the way you breathe.

Breath is the lowest hanging fruit of performance.

Not only does it control the mind and how we sustain focus and attention, it controls the motor skills and balance of an athlete. If you can't breathe in a position you don't own it. We are going to teach you the same techniques we have used with our Major League Baseball Players, NFL and NHL athletes as well as the college baseball programs across the country who have adopted our philosophies.

Since 2017 we have been fortunate enough to work with college baseball at every level: Division I, II, III as well as the JUCO ranks. The inner workings of performance come down to your ability to increase your self-awareness and understand the choices you make when it matters most...Looking forward to a great off-season and getting to know you all!

Best of luck,
Harvey Martin (Founder)

The Program ...

How the Program Looks

Enhancing the Human Experience – Training consists of 3 Pillars

Diamond Series (Mental Strength)

-Purpose (Identity, Service to others, Struggle)

-Standards (Mental, Physical, Emotional)

-Systems (Habits, Goals, Process, Routines)

-Vision (Start with the end...Motivation)

Breath Training (Physiology)

-Nose vs. Mouth Breathing

-Controlling State in real time (Breath Control)

-Understanding the triggers to your mind through the body 

-Up-Regulating and Down-Regulating 

-Improve Aerobic Capacity, oxygenation of body and clarity of mind

Group Topics (Influence) 

-Leadership qualities 

-Story telling

-Communication skills 

-Understanding influence vs control

This will be a 10-week course covering a different topic each week. Each session will begin and end with breath work. The topic of discussion will take place after the first round of breathing and a take home sheet will be assigned after each session. This way we can reflect and digest the material over the length of 10 weeks.

This program is put together for you to understand your lowest hanging fruit in performance...BREATH. Once you're able to create an awareness to your body you can now start to implement techniques and acknowledgement to your mind and how to decrease the slumps of getting too far ahead of yourself or being stuck in the past. The mind is built to keep us surviving. It is not built to be a peak performer. Learn how to build self-awareness and enhance your ability to make powerful and efficient choices. This is performance. 

Registration for this program will be here soon.  If you would like to learn more about our classes, sauna and ice bath work, please touch base with Austin Hanson - Your MindStrong Performance Coach.

Your Coach – Austin Hanson

  • Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology, MSU – Mankato; 2019
  • Mental Performance Coach, MSU – Mankato; 2019
  • M-State Male Student Athlete of the Year; 2015
  • Has worked with hundreds of youth and high school athletes, and every level of collegiate athletics
  • Works with JP4 Foundation Summer Camps

Classes (Session Detail will be up by January 1st!

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Blizzard Baseball Academy
3200 Labore Rd Suite 102
Vadnais Heights, MN 55110

Questions? Contact Us

Phone: Austin Hanson (218) 770-4907




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