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Collin Hackl l Blizzard Player Interview

02/25/2020, 3:15pm CST
By Cole Pengilly

Twin Cities Orthopedics Featured Player

Current Player Interview

Name: Collin Hackl

Grad Year: 2023

Blizzard Team: 14U Black

What is your favorite thing about playing baseball?

Feeling the crack of the bat when hitting a bomb.

What is your favorite Blizzard Big 5 and why? 

Kaizen- I like being in control of my own game by putting in the work to continuously get better. I use each practice and lesson to its fullest and as an oppurtunity to better my game.

How do you implement it into your daily or weekly routine? Give us an example?

I trust that my coaches have put in the time to know what they are talking about and I trust them to teach me. By listening to them, I am able to apply it to my game and get better with each practice I go to.

I also use kaizen with my other favroite sports, which include snowboarding and skateboarding. I watch videos and practice skills over and over again until I get them down.

How has playing for the Blizzard impacted your life?

Blizzard baseball has given me confidence that I didn’t have before. Both in my game and in my life. People recognize my Blizzard hat out in public and it feels good to be a part of that. Some of my closest friends, I made through Blizzard baseball.

What are some of the great memories you have had playing with the Blizzard?

Hitting my first homerun in Las Vegas. Traveling to places I normally wouldn’t get to go to and playing against some really talented baseball players. It is good to see what else is out there for talent.

What do you look forward to the most when you go to a Blizzard practice? 

Taking BP from Eddie. He is the best at BP. Seeing my friends/teamates. Feeling like I matter and knowing I will be coached with the same respect and love I have for my coaches.

Who is your Blizzard coach and what makes him so special?

Connor Olson- He keeps are team in check. I like that about him. He gives the same respect to everyone. He is relatable.

Luther Kangas- He plays players where they are strongest and encourages us to play harder. He is positive and has made us a stronger team.

Who are some of your favorite Blizzard teammates and why?

Logan Reynolds, Connor Armand, and Dylan Glass. They all love the game and have heart for it.

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