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Isaac Morton l Blizzard Player Interview

02/05/2020, 11:45am CST
By Cole Pengilly

Twin Cities Orthopedic Featured Player of the Week

Current Player Interview

Name: Isaac Morton

Grad Year: 2023

Blizzard Team: 15u Blue

What is your favorite thing about playing baseball?

My favorite part of baseball is getting the opportunity to compete with my friends who are competing with me. I also love that baseball is a sport that you can’t really predict. Anything could happen.

What is your favorite Blizzard Big 5 and why?
My favorite part of the Blizzard Big 5 is kaizen. I love having the mindset of always getting 1% better every day, knowing that today is the worst I will ever be.

How do you implement it into your daily or weekly routine? Give us an example?

Kaizen can be used on or off the field. While I’m on the field I’m always trying to improve whether it’s working at the academy, team practices or at my house. I usually always have something I’m trying to improve on to become a better baseball player. When I’m off the field I’m trying to work to become a better person and get good grades.

How has playing for the Blizzard impacted your life?

Before I joined the Blizzard I was on the fence whether I was going to play another year. I decided to give it one more chance. Ever since I have joined, baseball has been my passion. The Blizzard are always looking to give you an opportunity to get you better. All of the coaches are very nice and are always willing to help get you better.

What are some of the great memories you have had playing with the Blizzard?

The Blizzard has gave me the opportunity to make great memories over the two years I have played with them. One of my favorite memories was going down to Arizona and winning a tournament. I had gotten my first ring ever. I really enjoyed this tournament because I really worked hard to be ready to play at my best. I loved to see that all my hard work had payed off.

What do you look forward to the most when you go to a Blizzard practice?

When going to a Blizzard practice I’m always looking forward to having fun. I love to see my teammates again and hangout with them for a bit. I also like to talk to the coaches and get to know them better.

What is the best advice you have ever received and from who?

The best advice I have ever received was from my dad. He always says “You don’t have to be the best, but you should want to be your best.”

Who is your Blizzard coach and what makes him so special?
My Blizzard coach is Andrew Woitas. He is special because he is always trying to make us a better player and give us life lessons.

Who are some of your favorite Blizzard teammates and why?

One of my favorite blizzard teammate is Reese Tripp. It was my first practice with the Blizzard and I didn’t know anyone. I followed Reese in the door and he greeted me with a smile and said “Hey, I’m Reese, you must be Isaac Morton. Nice to meet you.” And throughout that practice he was always putting me in his group and introducing me to the other players on the team. I had thought it’s one thing to know my first name but he knew my last name too.

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