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Twin Cities Orthopedic Spotlight: Ryan Endrizzi

01/16/2023, 3:45pm CST
By Michael Iverson, Contributing Writer

Twin Cities Orthopedics Spotlight & Featured Player: Ryan Endrizzi (14U)

Parents: David & Alyssa – super sweet couple. These two are fun to interact with one on one and very engaging. In larger groups they are soaking/processing all the material being passed around. You will typically find Alyssa with other mom’s or hanging out under a tree with their dog like at the Prospect Select Tourney (in her defense it was warm that day). I usually see David with Eric Perkins and now I’m starting to wonder if the plan was to have David keep Eric in line with all the shenanigans he’s part of. They are always supporting the boys like this past summer when they hung around to watch Brady and Oscar at State in Rochester.

History: Ryan joined Blizzard last fall from Roseville association ball where he was teamed with Anthony Brown (14 Blue) and Silas Nelson (14 Black). He is a well-built young man that matured quicker than most of his teammates (common theme among the Blue monsters at every age). I would describe Endrizzi as the new age type of player (sorry old school dads, the days of playing with no passion/excitement are over). Ryan is the type of player that can fire up the entire team with one swing of the bat (happened a few times this past weekend in Lee’s Summit). A player that does not cheat himself at the plate, Ryan typically goes “all-in”. If you make a mistake the ball might not land. Endrizzi has tremendous pull side power and it feels as if he is literally jumping out of the box on his swing. In the field he can play anywhere but you will typically see him at the corners or outfield. He has good speed defensively and can motor around the bases. You will know if he got the best of you because of his infectious smile accompanied by dimples on both cheeks. Ryan can pitch when needed but due to the depth on blue they haven’t had to go to him much this fall. Away from the field you could give him the label of the “cool kid” or “life of the party”. The boys want to hang out with him and you never know what he is up to. Ryan has been a tremendous addition to the Blizzard program and we all look forward to watching him for years to come!

Fun Fact(s): Like several of the boys in this age group they are starting to view girls differently (you swore they would never like a girl a few years ago). Last year a group of “older” girls asked a Blizzard coach if they could get Ryan’s phone number (unbeknownst to them that he was 13 at the time). That coach informed Ryan of the request and made him go over and talk with those girls. At the end of the day I guess he just has the charm that attracts all sorts of people.


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