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Blizzard Teams start out Labor Day on a good note

09/05/2015, 6:15pm CDT
By Minnesota Blizzard

Max Carlson and Aidan Maldonado combine for 2-hitter in Game 2 of LD Tournament

Blizzard play well Day 1, Blizzard upper classman on the fan bus

Kobe Olson threw a CG for 14u Blue this morning

On a blistering hot day, the Blizzard program upper classman took a coach bus and headed out to see the action on the day.

Blizzard 14u Blue (1-1) @ Concordia St. Paul
Win 11-2 vs. St. Paul Saints
Loss 5-2 vs. MN Catchfire

Blizzard 14u Gold (1-1) @ Century College
Loss 8-5 vs. MN Bombsquad
Win 8-3 vs. MN MASH Black

Blizzard 15u Gold (1-1) @ Northwestern
Loss 8-5 Iowa Sticks White
Win 6-3 St. Paul Saints Black

Blizzard 15u Blue (2-0) @ Siebert Field
Win 7-3 vs. Iowa Sticks Red
Win 1-0 vs. MN MASH Cardinal

Blizzard 15u Black (1-1) @ Bethel College
Win 15-0 vs. St. Paul Saints Blue
Loss 6-2 vs. MN MASH Black

L-R Scotty Finberg, Matt Urke, Tyler Stilp, Trent Palmer, Michael Jensen, Aaron Hanson, Nick Novak, Jack Siebert

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