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15u Black earns Runner-Up / Varsity Black, 15u Blue earn 3rd Place finishes

10/26/2015, 9:30pm CDT
By Adam Barta, Blizzard Baseball

Blizzard earn 6 bids into bracket round at LVBA Desert Fall Classic

LVBA Desert Classic - 2015 / Blizzard Elite Schedule

The Minnesota Blizzard will be traveling to Las Vegas, NV for the 8th straight year (playing over 450 games) hoping to continue their winning ways as they have had at least one team finish in the top four for eight straight years. 

The Las Vegas Baseball Academy, run by Mike Martin, is running its 25th Desert Fall Classic, a tournament that has become a staple in the Blizzard program.  Facing such teams has the Utah Horns, Northwest Elite and Bishop Gorman as well as facing players like Bryce Harper and Joey Gallo throughout the years, the Blizzard has competed with some of the best teams in the country! 

Here is how the Blizzard has finished in the past (only top 4 finishes) and the schedule for the weekend.


2008 - 15u 3rd Place, 16u Runner Up
2009 - 15u Runner Up
2010 - 15u 3rd Place, 16u Champions
2011 - 15u Champions, 16u Runner Up
2012 - Varsity Champions
2013 - 15u Blue Runner Up, 15u Black 3rd Place, 18u 3rd Place
2014 - Varsity Blue 3rd Place, 16u Black 3rd Place
2015 - Varsity Black 3rd Place, 15u Blue 3rd Place, 15u Black

Sunday, November 1st - Quarter-Finals - BRACKET ROUND
*always use LVBA for official schedule/times/locations

8:00am                Blizzard 14u vs. LVR @ Doc Romeo 7  (L 8-0)

8:00am                Blizzard 15u Blue vs. TBA @ Heritage Field 2 (Win 13-9)

8:00am                Blizzard 15u Black vs. TBA @ Heritage Field 1 (Win 1-0) (Dehne CG)

8:00am                Blizzard 16u Blue  vs. Rijo Athletics @ Mt. Ridge Field (L 6-4)

8:00am                Blizzard 16u Black  vs. MN Millers Grey @ Cimmaron Field (L 5-1)

8:00am                Blizzard Varsity Black vs. MBA Bingham @ Arroyo Grande 9 (Win 4-3)

Sunday, November 1st - Semi-Finals - BRACKET ROUND

11:00am            Blizzard Varsity Black vs. S. Nev. Blue Sox @ Arroyo Grande 9 (L 5-2)

1:00pm              Blizzard 15u Blue (7) vs. Blizzard 15u Black (11) @ Heritage 1

Sunday, November 1st - Championship - BRACKET ROUND

3:30pm                Blizzard 15u Black vs. X-Treme (UT) @ Heritage 1 (L 8-3)

Friday, October 30th – Game Day Baby!

7:30am:                   Blizzard 16u Blue vs. Tri-County Spartans @ Mtn Ridge Field (Win 9-1)

7:30am:                   Blizzard 16u Black vs. Marina Bay Aces @ Palo Verde HS (Win 6-3)

7:30am:                   Blizzard 15u Blue vs. Rips Brewers Elite @ Heritage Park 2 (Win 12-0)

8:00am:                   Blizzard 12u Blue vs. Del Mar Powerhouse @ Burkholder #2 (L 8-1)

8:00am:                   Blizzard 14u Blue vs. Rijo Athletics @ Doc Romeo 8 (L 12-2)

8:00am:                   Blizzard 13u Blue vs. El Monte Dukes @ Anthem Hills #1 (L 11-3)

10:00am:                 Blizzard 15u Blue vs. X-Treme @ Heritage Park 2 (Win 6-5)

10:00am:                 Blizzard Varsity Black vs. Arena Baseball @ Arroyo Grande 9 (Win 8-6)

10:30am:                 Blizzard 13u Blue vs. Silicon Valley Xtreme @ Anthem Hills #1 (L 8-1)

12:00n:                    Blizzard 12u Blue vs. Scottsdale Dirtbags @ Burkholder #2 (10-5)

12:30pm:                 Blizzard Gold 2017 vs. NW Star Academy @ Basic HS (Win 4-3)

12:30pm:                 Blizzard Gold 2016 vs. Showtime @ Durango HS (L 17-8)

12:30pm:                 Blizzard 16u Blue vs. LV Knights (Blue) @ Mtn Ridge Field (Win 5-0)

12:30pm:                 Blizzard 16u Black vs. LV Lions @ Sierra Vista HS (Win 4-1)

1:00pm:                   Blizzard 15u Black vs. MBA @ Heritage Park 1 (Win 10-0)

1:00pm:                   Blizzard 14u Blue vs. Las Vegas Scorpions @ Doc Romeo 8 (Win 13-8)

3:30pm:                   Blizzard Varsity Black vs. Nogales Tribe @ Arroyo Grande 9 (Win 3-1)

5:30pm:                   Blizzard Gold 2017 vs. Pomona Titans @ Basic HS (L 7-6)

5:30pm:                   Blizzard Gold 2016 vs. Bakersfield Roadrunners @ Durango HS (L 9-7)

6:30pm:                   Blizzard 15u Black vs. Rapid City Cadets @ Heritage Park 1 (Win 10-0)


Saturday, October 31st - Game Day Baby!

7:30am:                   Blizzard Varsity Gold 2016 vs. Brushback BBC @ Durango HS (Win 10-2)

7:30am:                   Blizzard Varsity Gold 2017 vs. B.A.T. @ Basic HS (L 10-5)

7:30am:                   Blizzard Varsity Black vs. Victoria Eagles @ Arroyo Grande 9 (Win 6-5)

8:00am:                   Blizzard 12u Blue vs. LV Saints @ Burkholder #2 (Win 6-5)

8:00am:                   Blizzard 13u Blue vs. Bullpen @ Anthem Hills #1 (L 9-3)

10:00am:                 Blizzard Varsity Gold 2016 vs. Post 76 @ Durango HS (Win 11-10)

10:00am:                 Blizzard Gold 2017 vs. Southern NV Blue Sox @ Basic HS (L 6-5)

10:00am:                 Blizzard 16u Blue vs. West Coast Clippers @ Rancho HS (Win 9-3)

10:00am:                 Blizzard 15u Blue vs. CBA Bruins @ Heritage Park 2 (Win 10-1)

10:30am:                 Blizzard 15u Black vs. Cascade Crush @ Heritage Park 1 (Win 11-5)

10:30am:                 Blizzard 14u Blue vs. Rough Riders @ Doc Romeo 8 (Win 6-5)

12:00n:                    Blizzard 12u Blue vs. PB Titans @ Burkholder #2 (L 12-2)

12:30pm:                 Blizzard Varsity Black vs. Mound Time @ Arroyo Grande 9 (Win 12-3)

12:30pm:                 Blizzard 16u Black vs. MBA Riverton @ Sierra Vista HS (Win 4-0)

1:00pm:                   Blizzard 13u Blue vs. Magnum Baseball @ Anthem Hills #1 (Win 6-4)

3:30pm:                   Blizzard 15u Blue vs. MBA Pleasant Grove @ Heritage Prk 2 (Win 10-2)

3:30pm:                   Blizzard 14u Blue vs. Trosky Baseball @ Doc Romeo 8 (Win 5-4)

4:00pm:                   Blizzard 15u Black vs. CBA Bruins @ Heritage Park 1 (Win 5-1)

5:30pm:                   Blizzard 16u Black vs. East LA Bulldogs @ Mtn Ridge Field (Win 13-8)

8:00pm:                   Blizzard 16u Blue vs. Slammers @ Mtn Ridge Field (Win 6-1)

LVBA Desert Fall Classic Fun Facts - 2015
*28 combined pool wins (out of 40)
*The 14u, 15u, 16u and Varsity Black teams combined for a weekend record of (23-6)

*This is the most Blizzard teams (6) that have made the playoffs since 2013 (5)
*This is also the most teams that have finished in the top 3 (3) since 2013 (3)
12u: 1-3
13u: 1-3
15u Blue: 5-1
15u Black: 6-1
16u Blue: 4-1
16u Black: 4-1
18u Black: 5-1
18u Gold 2017: 1-3
18u Gold 2016
: 2-2


Blizzard 16u Blue

Blizzard Varsity Black

Blizzard 14u Blue

Blizzard 15u Blue and 15u Black - Semi Finals in Desert Fall Classic

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