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2017 grad, LHP Bubba Horton, commits to Minnesota

11/11/2015, 8:00am CST
By Christopher Thomas, Minnesota Blizzard Staff Writer

A quick Q and A with Charlie 'Bubba' Horton, a top LHP prospect in Minnesota

LHP Bubba Horton to Minnesota / a quick Q and A with Bubba

Bubba Horton at ScoutStop's Midwest Summer Showcase

About Charlie Horton ...
Charlie Horton, commonly referred to as Bubba, is among the top left-handed pitchers in the Minnesota Blizzard program.  Horton recently committed to the University of Minnesota and joins Blizzard alumni Matt Fielder, Tyler Hanson, Alex Boxwell, Dalton Sawyer and Toby Hanson on their quest to secure a Big 10 title in their newly renovated Siebert Field.
A Maple Grove 2017 graduate, Horton boasts a 3.97 GPA in the classroom and plans to get an engineering degree.  Bubba has played in the Blizzard program for the past four years and has played 1B, OF but his main contribution has been on the mound boasting an 83-88 mph fastball with an above-average curve and good change.
Here's a quick Q and A session with Bubba Horton ...
Q: When did you first hear about the Blizzard?
I first heard about Blizzard when I was really young; Barta probably remembers better than I do.  My neighbor and I went to a camp, just to get some pointers, and from the start, I knew it was a top notch program.  Tryouts were a lot of fun, because it gave me a chance to be around my teammates and to catch up with them and the coaching staff.  The competition at tryouts was intense.  You knew the guys you were playing against, and nobody wants to lose to their friends.
Q: How was the program different when it came to the competitiveness of your competition?
The teams we played against were different from high school because most teams are a mashup of 3-hitters and ace pitchers.  This really made me focus as a pitcher, because there were no players on the other team that couldn't do damage if I made even the smallest of mistakes.
Q: What were some of your favorite tournaments and moments from the trips?
Aside from playing in the games, I would say the best times were experiencing local attractions and restaurants with the team while we were out of town and telling stories about our hometowns in the hotel rooms.
Q:  Who were some of the coaches who have stood out to you?  What are some of the BASEBALL lessons you have learned?  What are some of the LIFE lessons you have learned?
I really remember Coach Montana (Steve Daugherty) because he was the first Blizzard coach I had.  He really welcomed me to the program and guided me through my first years as a member of the team.  I learned that I never should hang my head as there is always something positive that can be taken from any game.  I also learned how to act amongst individuals with authority, and in unfamiliar places.  That really helped me when I first started to contact college coaches and when we were out of town in places that a lot of us had never been to before.
Q:  What kind of exposure did you get from the Blizzard? (tournaments, showcases, videos, etc.)

I was able to be seen by coaches across the country, who represented just about every different collegiate experience imaginable.

Q:  What kind of instruction/development did you get receive from the Blizzard?
If it weren't for the lessons I took at the Academy, I wouldn't be the player that I am today.  Jesse (Tollefson) and Adam (Barta) both helped to fine tune my mechanics and tempo and really allowed me to improve my windup overall, which led to huge jumps in control and velocity.
Q:  Why did you choose Minnesota as your college choice?
I chose Minnesota because I knew I could trust the coaching staff, and Coach Oakes has a long history of forming relationships with his players along with preparing them for collegiate baseball.  Minnesota is familiar to me and it's my home.  The value of a degree from the University is priceless and the campus is top notch.
Q:  What is the best memory of your time with the Minnesota Blizzard?
My best memory is when I was in Phoenix, and two teammates and myself went go-karting and we caused havoc on the track. It reminded me of playing Mario Kart when I was younger, and all three of us had the time of our lives.  We won the tournament the next day.
Q:  What is your best memory from the Academy?
Definitely the day we had practice, and there was a series of small competitions, and the losing team had to run.  Naturally, my team became very competitive and it was a lot of fun.  My team lost, unfortunately.
Q:  What are the biggest things you will take away from the Blizzard program?
The life lessons.  How to be a man.  I learned that respect, honestly, and trustworthiness can go a long way.  The Blizzard is a program designed to produce the best players in the area, but the part that most people forget is that is also serves as a great preparation for your life beyond baseball.
Q:  What pieces of advice would you give to younger players as well as FR and SO about baseball and recruiting?

Go to tournaments with your team, and do showcases with your friends.  I've done showcases without friends, and I felt a lot more stressed, and as a result, didn't play very well.  Don't worry if you have a bad outing.  It happens to everyone.  The most important thing you can show a coach is a positive attitude.  Lastly, have fun playing the game.  A major factor in where I am today is the fact that I love playing the game, and that keeps me motivated to get better.

Q:  Anything else you want to share?
Go Gophers!!

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