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Blizzard announce partnership with Double Blue Sports Analytics

06/16/2016, 4:00pm CDT
By Blizzard Baseball

Instant Video Analysis for Blizzard players near and far from the Academy !

Double Blue Sports Analytics partners with Blizzard

The Minnesota Blizzard Baseball program is partnering with one of the top video analysis and sharing tool companies in the business - Double Blue Sports Analytics.

Blizzard players and Blizzard Academy members will all have access to their own personal sports lab where our Blizzard Coaches and Instructors will be able to break down video real time with each player.

The video analysis is instant.

  • We shoot video onsite during lessons and/or practice
  • We analyze with voice over and onscreen tools
  • It's instantly shared in your own inbox or 'locker room' on free app.
  • No waiting for an email or feedback a week later.
  • Parents can instantly watch a lesson from the lobby or if you are away from the Blizzard Academy or practice

"Double Blue Sports Analytics is excited to partner with the Blizzard Baseball Academy," owner Dan Kerluke said.  "to provide our world-class video platform the CoachCast for its coaches and athletes,"

"Double Blue's new CoachCast technology will allow the Blizzard coaches an advanced process to efficiently capture, manage and share video during practice, games, camps and more,"  Kerluke said.  "Every athlete also has access to a personal video locker as well as an app to directly capture and share video back to the Blizzard coaches they are working with."

Blizzard owner Adam Barta said that this is going to add further value out-state players.

"There are several kids who travel pretty far distances to play in our program," Barta said.  "CoachCast is going to create the same kind of value someone would receive if they lived a few minutes away from the Academy.  It's going to allow us to teach players onsite as well as players who can't be at the Academy as often.  It's practically real-time analysis and players get to save their lessons and instruction in their own app.  I'm excited to start using it with all of our Blizzard players."

All Blizzard Academy players will have access to CoachCast at a nominal cost while all Blizzard Elite players will receive this as a part of the Blizzard Elite program.

Tryouts are 10 days away!  Get registered soon!  See information below !

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Blizzard Elite and Fall Program Details - tryouts in 2 weeks !

Get registered soon for the Minnesota Blizzard Fall and Elite tryouts soon!

Blizzard Elite and Fall Tryout Registration
Blizzard Elite Baseball Program Info
Blizzard Fall Program Info
August 2nd - March 1st
  • AFBL Fall League / Siebert Fall League
  • 5 tournaments (tournament schedule)
  • Coaches
  • Summer Practices (August - September)
  • Winter Practice (October - March)
    • Weekend Team Practices 
    • Weekday Small Groups
  • Arm Care Program (Beyond Pitching)
  • Tier 1 Strength
  • Individual Video Lab (CoachCast)
  • Game and Practice Fields   
  • Showcase Invite
  • Tournament fees paid
  • Gate fees paid
  • Hotel Fees are included (14u-18u).
  • Transportation (team vans)
  • Facility Membership and Lessons
  • Lesson Discounts
  • Uniforms, Apparel and Equipment
  • Developmental and College Consultations
  • Team Bonding  
  • End of Year Banquet & Awards Ceremony
  • *descriptions of each bullet point can be found on our website
August 2nd - October 16th

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