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Blizzard's Bryce Lovcik commits to 2018 World Series DII Champs

02/08/2019, 12:30pm CST
By Adam Barta, Minnesota Blizzard

Coach Tim Huber and his Augustana Vikings add another Blizzard Elite player in Lovcik

Blizzard's Bryce Lovcik commits to World Series champs - Augustana

Bryce Lovcik, a senior at Maranatha Christian Academy, has committed to Augustana, the 2018 Division II National Champions.  Lovcik, the Blizzard Elite's 4-hole hitter, will be heading to the Vikings as a versatile catcher who packs an offensive punch.  Lovcik, who has consistently put up great offensive numbers will be poised to make an impact in Sioux Falls next year as the Vikings are pursuing the Division I leap in the near future.  Here is a question and answer session the Blizzard had with Lovcik and his choice. 
  • What were some of the factors in choosing your school?  The Coaching Staff and the culture they have at Augustana were the main reason for choosing to go there. Also, I was impressed with the Masters of Accountancy program they have.
  • Where did Coach Huber see you play? 
    He saw me play at various tournaments in Minnesota over the last two years.
  • What is your opinions of some of the coaching staff at Augustana (Max Casper - Blizzard Alum, etc.)
    I was very impressed. In my visits I could see how the coaches care about their players and have high expectations. They make sure to keep their culture by bringing in players that compliment it.
  • Coming off a World Series championship, where did Coach Huber see you contributing as an incoming freshman?  He thinks I will contribute immediately offensively.
  • What are you looking forward to most coming into your freshman year?
    I am excited to see how the game changes from high school to college and to see how my skill set matches up with higher level players.
  • What things do you need to do to prepare for that next step in playing in college?
    The number one thing I need to do is work on my defensive game. If I want to become an everyday starter I know that I have to be consistently good behind the dish.
  • Will you be in the outfield, C, 1B ?
    I will primarily be a catcher but I may be put at 1B or outfield in weekend games.

  • How has Eddie (Blizzard varsity coach) impacted you as a player and person?
    Playing for Eddie has reminded me of how much fun baseball is. It is great to have a coach like Eddie who wants to win but puts an emphasis on enjoying baseball.
  • How has the Blizzard helped you in the recruiting process?
    Coach Barta gave great advice on the process and put in a good word for me with each college that called about me. Their training and personal lessons also helped developed my skills to make the recruiting process easier for me.
  • What message would you give young (15u and under) players about the recruiting process?
    Don’t get too eager to jump into the recruiting process. Keep improving your game and working on getting better every day.
  • What advice would you give to older (16u and older) players about the recruiting process?
    Make sure you are proactive with contacting coaches. Most colleges aren’t going to come to you, you have to put yourself out there and make the calls.
  • What would your advice be on showcases to players?
    Showcases are a great tool for getting exposure and are definitely something that players should do. However, make sure that you limit the number of showcases you do. It takes time to improve your numbers so spacing your showcases out on half year to a year apart is a great idea. Also, make sure you are still playing in baseball games and getting better as a baseball player and not just a showcase player.
  • What have been some of your favorite moments in the Blizzard program?
    Playing 12u with Coach Dempsey and winning an Iowa tournament.  I also enjoyed playing 15u Black with Coach Woitas and all the (Blizzard) team bonding events that I went to over the years.

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