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Mike Loberg

Mike Loberg

Hometown: Champlin, MN

Loberg On Coaching

What do you enjoy most about MBA/Blizzard?
Kids are motivated to learn about the game and open to trying things that may make them better in the long run.  Most of the Blizzard players are college-level players and they are willing to put in the extra work to be their best.  I love watching a young player doing a lesson or practicing and seeing something click either with their swing, fielding, or pitching.  The attitude and dedication of kids in the Blizzard program and kids coming in to take lessons is second to none and I feel I can offer them some advice/tips that will help them be better baseball players and people.

What is your passion for teaching baseball?
I have been around baseball my entire life and loved it since I can remember.  My playing days are over (besides amateur ball), so now I get to enjoy the game from another perspective and teach young ball players how to play the game.  When I played professional baseball I met many players from throughout the country and other countries who were shocked we played baseball so far up north.  Part of me took offense to that, and now I have a way to prove that Minnesota has some talent and can compete at a national level.