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Brent Peters

Brent 'Trig' Peters

Hometown: Duluth, MN

Trig on Coaching

What do you enjoy most about MBA/Blizzard?
The Brotherhood. There is a right way to learn the game of Baseball and it is taught in all facets, under the leadership of this group. As a part of the game, there are relationships and life-lessons that are developed here above and beyond that of just "an athlete."

What is my passion for teaching baseball?
My pride stems from a working with a player that has the patience to recognize what he needs to work on, and never stops trying. Baseball is predicated on failure and in that sense, becomes difficult for many people to handle. Those who can love the game even as they constantly strive for perfection, are mentally tough, and that goes a long way in life. Lastly, there is no greater joy for me than to watch the player overcome their struggles and find success. If even one player remembers my name in 50 years, I hope it is because they knew I always believed in them.