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Ben Moore

Ben Moore

Hometown: Hudson, WI

Ben on Coaching

What do you enjoy most about MBA/Blizzard?

The thing I enjoy most about Blizzard Baseball is the sense of pride the kids have when they put on the Blizzard logo.  Aside from being the best development program in the state, whether you are here for one year, or ten years, you will always be a part of the Blizzard family and that is something that I haven't seen anywhere else.

What is your passion for teaching Baseball?

I get my passion for teaching baseball from the fact that growing up I was never the best player.  Baseball is one of the only sports where you truly do get from it what you put into it.  It doesn't matter whether you are 6'6" or 5'5" if you work harder than the player next to you then you have the advantage. I feel like I can show the kids that a lightly-recruited player from a small school in Wisconsin can attain nearly everything he ever dreamed of playing baseball through hard work and sheer determination.