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TBR in Minnesota Testimonials

Testimonials - Player and Parents from Minnesota TBR camps

Brayden and I drove home after the 3 day Texas Baseball Ranch camp hosted by the Blizzard Academy, we both said I can’t wait to do this again next year. This is the camp you want to attend if your goal is to be an Elite thrower. These instructors / teachers / mentors are fantastic. They are passionate about what they do and it showed throughout each day. We learned valuable information on correcting movement patterns that could lead to pain and eventually injury. Learn how to improve mobility/ flexibility. Most importantly you surround yourself with motivated people that share your same passion. Leave knowing you have the tools to get after your goals, the level of effort you put back into what you learned will dictate your results. Get your mindset.

Thank you Adam Barta and Texas Baseball Ranch
*Rob, Tanya, Brayden Olson

It was great to see my son begin to utilize his body more efficiently.  The video analysis and drills that stemmed from it will be helpful to enhance his overall throwing ability.
*Scott Schmelzle, coach and dad

It was really well organized, systemic and a scientific method to fixing mechanical historically inaccurate coaching methods for pitchers.  The entire team was knowledgeable and inspirational and the results we have seen in the just a few days give me hope for immediate improvement in velocity as well as future arm durability.
*Dan Matschina, dad

Coach Ron and the other guys he brought with him were great.  They explained everything to me very clearly and told me what I can do to correct some of my flaws.  I hope I can come back next year!
*Ben Weber, player

Great instruction.  I thought the camp helped me understand the little things I am doing wrong and how to fix them.  I learned some new stretches to help me as well.  I liked how they gave some instruction on our off-speed pitches.
*Nathan Berg, player

I really think this is the best camp in the nation.  I like how they point out inefficiencies and then come up with a plan on how to fix them.  The instructors help you with whatever you need and is a great camp for developing pitchers.
*Tommy Springer, Missouri commit

The camp was extremely informative - took pitching mechanics to another level of knowledge.  Loved the video analysis looking for disconnections and the customized training for each pitcher.  The coaches were engaged and shared their successes and experience with each individual.  Great insight shared to instill 'listening with intent', work ethic and incremental gains for improvement.  Highly recommended !
*Bruce Forsyth, dad

Coach Wolforth and his staff were amazing!  Over the course of a weekend (13 hours), they clearly and concisely presented a package of information that will forever change my son's ideas and approach to pitching and throwing!  Well worth the time and investment.  We're looking forward to seeing great results!
Matt Barndard, dad

This camp has been very beneficial to me.  I would get soreness in areas and with the way they taught me to throw, it doesn't have any tension or soreness.  I feel like I have more power behind my throws and I feel more accurate.  This will help me excel in baseball going into the future.
*Grant Rolen, player

Ron, Adam, Flint, Jonathon and Ollie,
Thank you for bringing the Ranch up to Minnesota.  Not only did I improve in the three days; it changed how I thought about the game of baseball.  I would recommend any pitcher to spend time at the Baseball Ranch.
*Andy Johnson, player

This is by far the best camp I have ever attended.  The amount of information I took in over three days was amazing.  There were several times where something clicked in my throwing and made a difference in 'feel.'  I'm very excited how this will integrate into my pitching.
*Sam Dufault, player



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