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Blizzard @BAT Program

Blizzard @BAT Hitting and Fielding Program

We are excited to announce that starting in January, 2019 the Blizzard Baseball Academy will be offering a hitting and fielding program in the south Metro!  We are partnering with @BAT Player Development out of Farmington.  This program will focus on getting players ready for their upcoming tryouts and season!

Our Blizzard @BAT program will include six Sunday sessions (3 in January, 3 in February) running 90 minutes per session.  Players will train as a group for 45 minutes of hitting and 45 minutes of fielding. 

Details on the program can be found below!

Blast Motion


Hitting Program Details

This program will utilize advanced technology utilizing the HitTrax and BlastMotion bat sensor to help shape a hitting plan for each player in the program.  Our instructors will capture data including Exit Velocity and Launch Angle.  Both are terms that you will hear on just about any Major League Baseball Broadcast but are often misunderstood.  Let's take a quick look what exit velocity and launch angle are:

Exit Velocity is a measure of how hard the ball comes off the bat.  Just like pitching velocity, exit velocity is measured in miles per hour.

Launch Angle is simply a measurement of the vertical direction the ball comes off the bat.  All swings have a launch angle, including bunts.  The HitTrax allows players to see their ball flight in a confined, indoor space.

2) Why are they important?
Exit velocity - the harder you hit the ball, the more likely you are to get a hit.  As data from the 2017 Major League season shows, the hardest hit balls tend to result in far more hits.

Launch Angle - The angle the ball comes off the bat has an impact on how likely a ball is to be a hit as well.  Ground balls are defined as <10°, Line Drives are 10-25°, fly balls are 25-50° and pop-ups are above 50°.  The range at the right with a .525 avg. are the hard ground ball to low fly ball range (all angles have avg. of .250+).

3) How do they apply?
Exit Velocity: While we wouldn't expect young players to be in the 90mph range, it's obvious that hitting the ball harder results in more hits.  We can use the available technology to tell us if we are consistently hitting the ball harder.
Launch Angle: Are we hitting more balls in a ball flight range that results in more ground balls (<10°), line drives (15-25°) or fly balls (25-50°)? 

2017 Major League Baseball Data

Exit Velocity        Batting Avg.
90+ mph             .525
89- mph              .229

Launch Angle      Batting Average
-5° to 33°             .523
Above 33°           .089
Below -5°            .140

Increase bat speed

Boost exit velocity

Improved Bat Path

Advanced overload/underload training combined with efficient mechanical instruction

Improved movement patterns to help for more consistent, harder contact

Adjustments in approach allow for training to translate into consistent damage done in games

Fielding Program Details

Each 45 minute fielding session will be focused on:

1) Athleticism
2) Glove Work
3) Footwork
4) Pre-Pitch Set-Up
5) 1st Step Quickness / Reaction

Drills used in the fielding series will promote quickness and agility, help players learn to field different types of hops, and work on game speeds and actions.  Players will be challenged in a high-tempo, fun environment!

Blizzard @BAT Dates

Session 1


6th, 13th, 27th

6 Sessions


3rd, 10th, 24th


Session Details - @BAT Farmington

Age Time Slot Total Spots Available
10:00am-11:30am 8
11:30am-1:00pm 8

Matt Fiedler, 6-year Blizzard Alum - St. Louis Cardinals


Session 1: $450

115 Elm St, Suite B
Farmington, MN  55024