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Minnesota Scout League




The Minnesota Scout League is a 2-month summer scout league for high school players (FR-SR) that includes reps on Tuesday and games on Wednesday.

It is a simple league for all high school players and is not formatted for any specific club team.  It's a league created for the individual players for the purpose of repetition, pitcher weekend recovery and competitive, scouted games.


June | July | August

June 16, 17 / 23, 24 - ramp up days for pitchers
July 7,8 / 14,15 / 21,22 / 28,29
August  4,5

Host Location:
*Other sites to determined - if needed.


Rep Days - Tuesdays

Rep Days will include dozens of ground balls, fly balls as well as defensive work.  In addition, all players will take a 'big league' on-field batting practice as well as work on base running.  Pitchers will work on recovery, arm care, mobility and flexibility and be given the latitude to work within their own program with a location to do it in a setting with other pitchers.

In addition, we will always take a full infield / outfield every day which will include your prototypical outfield work (cuts and relays), infield work and double plays, catcher pop times, etc.

Game/Scout Days (Wednesdays)

Players will be split into teams and play a competitive game(s) that will include online stats (game changer), velocity boards for scouts, catcher pop times, home to first times and exit velocities (during batting practice).


We'll be contacting every college scout we can to come attend our Minnesota Scout League.  It's a great opportunity for them to see you practice, play, compete, acquire video and stats - all before mid-day - and all before they head out to see their other evening games or tournaments.


'TEAM': $1,300 (or $100 / player)
Group of 6-12: $125 / player
Group of 5 or less: $150 / player

* A 'TEAM' is a group of 13 or more