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Zack Farmer

Zack Farmer

Social Media

@zfarmer49 (Instagram)

Hometown: Duluth, MN

Farmer On Coaching

What do you enjoy most about teaching at MN BB Academy (or Blizzard)?

I love that teaching baseball with this program goes beyond the game. We are also teaching values that will help these kids improve off the field as well.

What is your motivation/passion about teaching baseball?

My motivation and passion to coach comes from how closely the game of baseball is related to life outside of the diamond. Watching a player go through a “failure” within the game, be resilient, and continue to work through the “failure” with a positive attitude is a great teaching moment for outside of the game as well. Wins are obviously amazing and learning how to be humble through a win, or success is just as important for when after your time with the game is done. Watching all of that come together with a player, and as a team, is what motivates me to be a coach in this game and more importantly with this program.