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Twin Cities Orthopedics Spotlight Player: Robbie Babcock

09/06/2022, 2:30pm CDT
By Michael Iverson, Contributing Writer

TCO Featured Player: Robbie Babcock

Today’s Twin Cities Orthopedic's Spotlight & Featured Player: ROBBIE BABCOCK
Team: 14U Black
Awards: Voted 2021 Logan Shore "Top Pitcher" by his teammates on 13U Black
Parents: Rob & Megan (Rob – high energy, quick whited and the “life of the party” / Megan – hard to read, has a great poker face…after a couple years I’m still trying to solve the mystery of Megan). Also, if you ever need cheese or healthy food don’t be afraid to his this family up. I swear they travel with nothing but organic/high end healthy food .
History: Robbie has been a staple within the Blizzard Program for at least 3+ years. His association team the past couple summers has been Lake Elmo with Rob Sr. assisting the team as a coach. We were able to see Robbie play outside of Blizzard in the final 4 of the 13U Gopher State tournament in Rochester during the 2021 summer (finished 3rd). Robbie is what I refer to as a quiet giant but a player favorite. He is what a team would refer to as a “stopper” on the mound. You always need a big arm that can come in and get a strikeout or halt a losing skid (lets be honest, Blizzard over the years does not have many of them with the level of talent). He utilizes an upper 60’s fastball and drops in an outstanding 12-6 curveball. The other boys love hitting off him at the Vadnais facility because you usually aren’t going to come across a curveball like Robbie’s very often. He can play SS and OF when he isn’t pitching. In the winter/spring of 2022 Robbie’s bat was starting to heat up before he went to association ball and at the tryouts he continue to look good at the plate. We are looking for Robbie to remain a key contributor to Black’s success during the fall season.
Fun Fact: Robbie lost a bet to Max Perkins in Iowa a couple years ago. The bet, if Perkins hit a HR he would get to cut Robbie’s hair. What do you know Perkins blasts one over the fence in the first game, a clippers was purchased and instead of shaving all of Robbie’s hair he butcher it into one of the crazier mullets you would see. However, the mullet has been on the rise over the last few years and instead of Robbie cleaning it up and getting a “normal” haircut he was proud enough to rock that style for several months following the clipper incident.
Pictures (Robbie, Rob and Megan – black shirt with Vicki Hart aka Ms. St. Patty’s Day)
Every few days I am going to feature a knew player and explain fun opinions/facts/stories about them as a way to get to know everyone a little better. These features will include Blue, Black, Gold, 13U and of course our favorite 15U player.


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