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Twin Cities Orthopedics Spotlight Player: Ty Beck

09/08/2022, 10:00am CDT
By Michael Iverson, Contributing Writer

TCO Featured Player: Ty Beck

Today’s Twin Cities Orthopedics Spotlight & Featured Player: TY BECK (14U BLUE)
Awards: Voted 2021 Joe Loftus “Top Hitter” by his teammates on 13U BLUE
Voted 2020 Joe Loftus “Top Hitter” by his teammates on 12U BLUE
Voted 2019 Leadership Award 11U Gold
Parents: Garrett & Mary (Garrett – believe it or not but he has a teddy bear inside him, however on most days Garrett is on another level of intense compared to anyone else on the plant let alone Blizzard (wait until you see him in a black muscle shirt = INTIMIDATION, glad he’s on our side) / Mary - she was the first parent to greet me in Phoenix two years ago and was nothing short of amazing (truly set the tone of my families Blizzard experience from day 1). She knows how to make everyone feel welcome and always has a smile on her face. Similar to the Babcock family you hit these guys up if you are in need of a healthy treat!
History: Let’s be frank, Ty is the kid you build a team around. He is the definition of a hard worker, need proof – look at his quad muscles (doesn’t skip leg day). I don’t believe I am selling him short when I say Ty is without a doubt one of the best players in the entire state in the 2027 graduating class. Ty plays up for association ball with the 14U Farmington Tigers. He has held down the 3-4 spot in the batting order for two+ years for Blizzard. My guess is in 300+ at-bats the past couple years I would be shocked if he has more than ten strikeouts against elite pitching. Not only does Ty put the ball in play but he puts it in play hard! Highlight for me this past summer was hearing that Ty hit not one, not two, not three but four homeruns at the Field of Dreams Tournament in Dyersville, IA. Now you might be telling yourself, Mike you’re crazy that’s not that impressive…kids hit homeruns all the time. Did I tell you the first one went over 400 feet to center? Did I tell you all the other ones went well over 370+ to the opposite field gap? Did I tell you that the analytics say that in order for the ball to travel that far he has to have an exit velocity of 100+ mph…still not impressed, oh yeah he is 13 years old. Heck, those blasts are how I know that Teddy Bear exists within Garrett. Ty broke through that robust exterior of his dad to go you know what, I’m going to impress you today and make you go wow…that was one hell of a day. The strength and bat speed are amazing and I would match him with anyone in the state and I would take Ty for his class. Oh yeah, let’s not forget, elite baseball IQ, plays a solid second-base, has elite speed and throws low 70’s on the mound. He is known for his bat but does EVERYTHING well. But that’s not the best part about Ty – he is all business at the fields. He is the kid that when he decides to speak up the entire team listens. If he senses the boys are losing focus he gets them back in line. When you hear the Blizzard saying, play with the best in the State against the best in the Country – Ty Beck is someone I think of right away.
Fun Fact: Okay we all know Ty has an amazing work ethic. Always getting max reps in while at practice, finding a field before a game or hitting the gym to get a few more reps in the weight room. However, in my opinion what separates him is the mental approach he takes day in and day out. The maturity level he is at and understanding of the failure within the game of baseball is astounding. Ty controls what he can control but understands that result is what you can’t control (i.e, getting a hit). He has an approach when he goes up to the plate, to not only control his mindset, breathing, how he is going to attack the pitcher but to have an actual plan. If he does everything right and it doesn’t end in a hit that is okay. If he rolls over and hits one between third and short he will be the first one to tell you it wasn’t a great at bat even though he got a hit…always something to work on (I witnessed this happen in tourney this summer where he went 6/9 but he was only truly happy with his approach in 2 of the at-bats). He is on another level when it comes to the mental side and controlling his emotions. It all starts with the books he’s reading to remind himself of what his approach should be.
Pictures (Garrett & Abbey Rudolph, Mary & Ty, Ty (hitting/pitching) – Ty with his buddies in Iowa (Gavin, Endrizzi, Hart, McInnis, Perkins and RJ)


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