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Twin Cities Orthopedic Spotlight: Matthew Grundtner

05/08/2023, 11:15am CDT
By Michael Iverson, The "Storyteller"

Twin Cities Orthopedics Spotlight & Featured Player: Matthew Grundtner (14U)

Awards: Voted 2021 Logan Shore Top Pitcher by his teammates on 13U BLUE

Voted 2020 Jake Kuschke Leadership by his teammates on 12U BLUE

Parents: Dennis & Gianna – how can you not love the Grundtner family. Both parents are funny, laid back, go with the flow, have the competitive genes and everyone has a great smile! I love sitting with Dennis and picking his brain on everything Matthew is doing to continue to elevate his game. Gianna and her mini-me daughter Mikaylah are always together (basically closer to sisters). You will find these two sitting together at most games. Just a super fun family to hang out with!

History: Can you say Dude Alert. Matthew is the big arm of the 14U class as the boys have ascended through the club the past several years. He has always thrown harder than almost everyone. Besides his ability to carry a fastball that typically sits uppers 70’s when he is dialed in between his fastball and off-speed he will just shut down a line up. Always remember that when you have the ability of Matthew you are always going to pitch against the best teams or the final game of a tournament (championship). Matthew has the mentality to want the ball in those big spots and he has become immune to pitching in those games. Not only is he an amazing pitcher but he also has big power at the plate. He will hit for power to both gaps (lots of doubles). When he isn’t pitching you will find him playing the hot corners (1st/3rd) as he can really pick the hot shots. His blue helmet is ready for an upgrade but other than that he rocks some of the best flowing hair in all of the 14U class and his attitude is completely infectious among his teammates. I have always appreciated his willingness to chat about the game as we crossed paths. He is another one of the big brother figures to the younger guys and epitomizes what it means to play for the Blizzard in not just how he carries himself on the field but also away from it. He is super respectful to those around him, very mature and does all the little things. Matthew is a high watch kid in the next couple seasons as I anticipate he will continue his playing days wherever his heart decides he belongs.

Fun Fact: Last spring in Arizona the Blue team had made its way to the Championship against a team out of LA. It was Matthew versus a huge/hard throwing lefty. Between the bats of blue and Matthew on the mound a dad of the opposing team was flustered so much he stopped running the score board (he said “I’m not being paid to do this and walked away”). I couldn’t resist to go over and sit down and make sure everyone in the facility saw the score and what was taking place. I sat down and the rest is history with Matthew throwing a no-hitter versus a team that crushed everyone up to that point. I made sure all the numbers were on the score board when the game ended and the team that felt once felt invincible lost 8-0 to the Matthew/Brady (pitching/catching duo) and the hot bats of blue.

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