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07/15/2016, 12:45am CDT
By Adam Barta, Minnesota Blizzard

2016-2017 features 11 Blizzard Elite teams and 14 Blizzard fall teams

Important Notes

Important Notes:
1) After we post our rosters, there is a tendency for roster flux within the first two weeks.  There will be minor juggling and players moving from roster to roster based on numbers, etc.  You will be contacted if there needs to be a move.

2) If you do not see your name on a roster, you did not make a Blizzard team but are welcome to come to practices throughout the month of August and join our Blizzard Fall Developmental League.  The Blizzard FDL is a full season of practice and games 2x / week from September 6th - September 29th.  This league is coached and run by Blizzard coaches.  Players will practice as well as play games.  To sign up and learn more about the league you can CLICK HERE.

3) If you see your name on a roster and have decided not to play, please contact us immediately at:
abarta@minnesotabaseballacademy or

4) "PO" is a Pitcher Only and will be discussed at parent meetings.

5) Your next steps?  Please look at the Player/Parent meeting times and make time on your schedule to be there.  They are mandatory! 

Definition of Teams - 2017-2018

Our Blizzard Elite teams are separated into three groups – Blue and Black.  The Blizzard Blue teams will have the top 12 or 13 players/prospects from the tryouts on the team.  Players who are graded out 13-24 will be placed on the Blizzard Black roster if the staff feels like they can compete on a national level.  The last two years, we have been very strong and deep at the varsity level and have traveled with a 3rd Elite Varsity team– Blizzard Elite Red.  

The Blizzard Fall teams are separated into two groups - Gold and Silver and possibly Bronze if our depth charts are deep enough.  Fall Teams (12-14 players) are picked on skill level, position depth charts and proximity to teammates.  Our fall teams are very competitive and are usually comprised of many top-tier players who cannot travel due to other sports.  We use our Fall Blizzard teams as a minor league system and are the first players called up when an Elite Blizzard player is unable to make a trip.  Last year, over 20 players were brought up to play on Blizzard Elite teams throughout the season.  Fees for one tournament are on a case by case basis but typically range from $250-$350 / tournament which covers practice, uniform, hotel, tournament, facility, etc.

Our Blizzard Gold teams will travel to one - two tournaments this year.  You can go to the Blizzard Tournament page or to the Blizzard Fall program page to take a look at the schedule and costs.

PITCHER ONLY players are rostered players who are on the team primarily as pitchers.  The fee structure is the same but there are more options including lessons.



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