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What to Expect at your Tryouts

What to expect at your tryouts

Age Level

Age cut-off is April 30th (or whatever your age is on April 30th, 2024) For example, if you are 14 years old right now and your birthday is March 3rd, you are considered a 15u because you turn 15 before May 1st.  Our high school (freshman - seniors) teams are typically made by graduation year.

What to bring ...

Tryouts are a relatively long day so make sure you bring water, snack and sun screen.  Please wear a full uniform including spikes and turf shoes.

What to expect ...

Expect a lot of players, good competition and a good baseball setting.  Each player will run a 60 yard dash (40 yard for 10u-13u), go through defensive work including outfield, infield, catcher pop times, batting practice and bullpens.

For some tryouts, after Day 1, we will post call back rosters for a Day 2 tryout that will include games.  Those "Call Back Games" will be posted on our site the same day as your Day 1 tryout.  Players will play a scrimmage where pitchers throw a controlled inning against hitters.

Posting Rosters ...

We will post rosters shortly after our last day of tryouts. 

Players who cannot make tryouts or who have to leave early ...

If you are a player who cannot make a tryout, you should come to the next closest age group to be graded out.  Please email me at: with your situation and we will make it work.

If you have to leave early, please let us know and we'll make sure we get you out of there as soon as possible - no problem !



Each player will receive between 8-12 pitches from a coach.

Scoring will be judged on ABILITY including:

  1. Overall Swing
  2. Ability to make solid contact
  3. Superior power
  4. Overall athletic ability and talent


Each player will receive 5 – 8 ground balls hit at them, to their left, right and on the run

Scoring will be judged on ABILITY including:

  1. Footwork and Hands
  2. Proper throwing technique / body control
  3. Quickness / lateral movements
  4. Athletic ability and hustle
  5. Superior arm strength


Each Player will receive 4 – 8 fly balls hit at them, to their right and left

  • Ability to judge fly balls, athleticism and hustle
  • Range to the left, right, in and back
  • Catching the ball hit at player, to the right and left

Fielding the ball on the ground and make a proper and quick transfer

  • Superior arm strength


Each player will receive 10 – 20 pitches / or throw one inning

  • Mechanics – must show the ability to have consistent mechanics from the wind-up and stretch position
  • Velocity– player should have above average velocity relative to age group
  • Movement and Action– player (relative to age) should show fastball life and action on secondary pitches
  • Location – player should have the ability to throw all pitches in the strike zone


Each player will receive 5 balls thrown from an evaluator and/or pitcher

  • Catching and Receiving – player should be able to catch the ball without struggling and should be able to show the ability to frame pitches in and around the strike zone
  • Arm Strength – player should have above-average arm strength relative to age group and have the ability to throw to 2nd base with relative ease and little arc
  • Blocking– player should display proper blocking technique and hustle


  • Players 14u-18u will run timed 60 yard dashes (if time permits)
  • Players 13u and under will run a 40 yard dash (if time permits)

Player should sign up online by AT LEAST one day before their tryout.

*Tryouts may be modified based on space and time available.


Please arrive at least 45 minutes before tryouts.