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Blizzard Player Spotlight: ('26) Riley Asmus

05/14/2024, 4:30pm CDT
By Michael Iverson, The "Storyteller"

Riley Asmus ('26, Morris Area HS)

In a time when kids specialize in a single sport or maybe two sports that do not compete with one another, Riley Asmus is the modern-day, Joe Mauer. Not only does Riley excel at baseball at an elite level but he is also amazing at football and basketball at Morris High School. The first time I watched Riley he stood out not only because of his ability on the diamond but the maturity he played with while also looking like a man among boys. You will typically find Riley at Shortstop where he utilizes his quickness and lateral movements to make web gems look “easy”.

On the mound, he will pound the zone and keep hitters off balance with his off-speed. At the plate, he uses his big frame to spray the ball all over the field and his plus speed to be a menace on the base paths. All these qualities Riley brings to the diamond make him the three-sport stud referenced above but don’t take my word for it, Blizzard Owner/Coach Adam Barta had the following to say

“Asmus is one of those all-star kids from a small town who happens to be an all-star type of player under the bright lights, too. He is a commander at shortstop and has the ability to play that position for a long time. He is a high-level SS who is going to play at a high level after high school. Don't count him out on the mound either. He competes and competes hard. He commands his fastball, has a good breaking ball, holds runners well, and can field his position. He has come a long way with his bat. Has above average bat speed for a 2026 and is a sub 7.0 runner who can run the bases. He is your pro-typical top-end guy who is really good on all sides of the baseball. He is a 'dude'!”

Now that is high praise from someone who has been around the block a time or two regarding the game of baseball. The “dude” reference is the ultimate compliment as with the game of baseball it means, look out this kid can play! Away from the game, Riley is humble and extremely polite in all interactions I have seen, and he has no problem complimenting his teammates.

Q & A with Riley Asmus

How many years with Blizzard? 3 years

What is your favorite memory from last summer? Playing in Georgia at the PBR National Championships.

What are you looking forward to most this summer? Getting to play in Nashville and getting back together with the guys.

Favorite tourney of the year and why? PBR National Championships. The facilities are amazing and it’s great competition every day. The tournament is a weeklong which allows me to hang out with the boys for a whole week!

Favorite baseball movie? The Sandlot Blizzard teammate you talk with the most and why? Jace Mataczynski or Carson Hart. Both are super nice, cool, and really funny too!

Which Blizzard coach do you work with the most? Adam Barta

Favorite MLB player? Fancisco Lindor (NY Mets)

What do you listen to pre-game? Whatever Van Tellier is playing.

Best snack and place to eat? Pretzels and Surf and Turf

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