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Blizzard Baseball Academy

The Blizzard Baseball Academy’s goal is educate and enhance the 5 tools of baseball: hitting for average, hitting for power, arm strength, speed and defensive ability.

Focusing on the fundamentals is the key to becoming a better baseball player. Teaching youth baseball players important drills and correcting bad habits at an early age allows them to get a jump on their competition. The Blizzard Baseball Academy has the finest coaches to work our sessions including current and former pro players as well as current and former college players.

We are our winter training offerings:

One on One & Small Group Baseball Training

This instruction allows for a personalized schedule for players who want to work one on one or in a small group (up to 4).  Lessons can be all hitting, pitching, defense or a combination of all of them based on what your goals.

Monthly Group Baseball Training
Monthly group training includes 90-minute hitting and fielding sessions where players will train as a group for 45 minutes and field for 45 minutes.  There are 4 group training sessions per month where players are placed age-appropriate and attend at the same time every week.

Extended Baseball Training (Elite Hitting and Pitching Programs)
Our extended offering is training that covers one specific area for a length of time - usually 8-16 weeks at a time.  Areas covered include hitting, pitching, fielding and catching.  These extended training sessions are limited to a small number of players and are for dedicated, determined and routine-oriented players!