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Texas Baseball Ranch in Minnesota

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Jan. 31st - 2nd, 2025 Blizzard Academy

The Minnesota Blizzard Elite program is proud to announce Year 10 of a special Blizzard Academy partnership with Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch. 

Wolforth and his staff will be at the Blizzard Baseball Academy to run a 3-day camp that will include throwing mechanics, arm care, arm strength, velocity, mechanical efficiency and analysis.  This camp will be limited to 40 players.

Wolforth & Cleveland's Trevor Bauer






Player Fee: $849

In case you haven’t heard about Ron Wolforth and the Texas Baseball Ranch:
CBS 60 Minute Sports calls Coach Ron Wolforth, “The pitching guru who teaches kids how to throw over 90 mph, pain free.”
Wolforth is founder and CEO of The Texas Baseball Ranch. Since 2003, over 90 “Ranch Hands” have been drafted by MLB and over 500 have broken the 90 mph barrier and 28 have surpassed 100 mph. His high-profile clients include Justin Verlander, Trevor Bauer, CJ Wilson, Barry Zito, Scott Kazmir.  They are consultants for 12 MLB organizations with all 30 of them having visited the ranch.
Wolforth has written six books and has been a featured speaker at the ABCA Coaches Conference and is also a contributing writer for Perfect Game USA.
The Texas Baseball Ranch™ is the place an athlete can dream as big as his work ethic will allow! It is a place of great hope, high expectations and even greater passion, energy and encouragement. The Texas Baseball Ranch™ is a sanctuary from all the negativity, pessimism and bad coaching the real world dishes out.

They can be found at or for more information contact Samantha at


TBR @ Blizzard Academy Itinerary

Blizzard Baseball Academy
3200 Labore Road, Suite 102
Vadnais Heights, MN  55110

5:30pm         Player Check-In
6:00-7:15      Intro and Lecture 
7:15-7:45      Rugbies and Get Up Sprints
7:45-8:15      Arm Care Rotation (1/2 Arm Circle Routine/ 1/2 Durathro Sock)
8:15-8:30      Marshall 1's and Step Behinds w/Arm Swing
8:30-9:00      Video
8:45-9:00      Pictures
9:00-9:30      Mindset Lecture
9:30-9:50      Rugbies
9:50-10:40    Rotation 1
                    Group 1        Decel & Connection Drills 
                    Group 2        TRAP 
                    Group 3        Circuit & Arm Care 
                    Group 4        Video Analysis
10:40-11:30  Rotation 2
                    Group 4        Decel & Connection Drills 
                    Group 1        TRAP 
                    Group 2        Circuit & Arm Care
                    Group 3        Video Analysis
11:30-12:20  Rotation 3    
                    Group 3        Decel & Connection Drills 
                    Group 4        TRAP (Massey)
                    Group 1        Circuit & Arm Care 
                    Group 2        Video Analysis
12:20-1:10    Rotation 4
                    Group 2        Decel & Connection Drills 
                    Group 3        TRAP (Massey)
                    Group 4        Circuit & Arm Care
                    Group 1        Video Analysis
1:10-2:30     Lunch
2:30-3:10      LOWER HALF LECTURE
3:10-3:30     Rugbies
3:30-4:20      Rotation 5
                    Group 1        Arm Action & Lower Half Drills
                    Group 2        TRAP Corrective 
                    Group 3        Circuit & Arm Care 
                    Group 4        Video Analysis 
4:20-4:30      Close
9:00-9:30      Morning Mindset Talk
9:30-9:50      Rugbies
9:50-10:40    Rotation 6
                    Group 4        Arm Action & Lower Half Drills
                    Group 1        TRAP Corrective 
                    Group 2        Circuit & Arm Care 
                    Group 3        Video Analysis 
10:40-11:30  Rotation 7
                    Group 3        Arm Action & Lower Half Drills
                    Group 4        TRAP Corrective 
                    Group 1        Circuit & Arm Care 
                    Group 2        Video Analysis 
11:30-12:20  Rotation 8
                    Group 2        Arm Action & Lower Half Drills 
                    Group 3        TRAP Corrective 
                    Group 4        Circuit & Arm Care 
                    Group 1        Video Analysis
12:20-12:30                     VELO ! Group Picture / Closing

Blizzard Zoomcast with Ron Wolforth of Texas Baseball Ranch

For questions, please email Adam Barta at or call 612.750.7320

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