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Blizzard Performance Training

Blizzard Performance Center - Baseball Strength & Conditioning Program

Plan your work.  Work your plan.

Our performance program engages young athletes – primarily baseball and softball players – in achieving maximum peak performance through results-driven performance plans, aggressive goals and old-school hard work.  Strength, athleticism, flexibility, mobility, arm strength and arm care all ‘power up’ through our performance programs located at the Blizzard Academy.

Please note that you do not have to be a Blizzard player to participate in these programs.  Multi-sport athletes and non-academy members are welcome!

We have full programs including:

  • Blizzard Performance - Weight Training | Summer, Fall & Winter
  • Blizzard S.A.Q. Program - Speed, Agility, Quickness | Spring
  • Blizzard Max Performance programs- combo program that includes combination of hitting, pitching and performance

Bryan Sanchez, earned his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology from the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth. He played varsity baseball and played with the Minnesota Blizzard club program all throughout high school. Bryan competed in collegiate baseball, spending his first two years in Junior College and eventually finishing his collegiate and academic career at St. Scholastica. He completed his degree in Biology with the intent to pursue a Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies. However, he chose to stay in the baseball world and joined the Minnesota Blizzard baseball program as a fulltime coach and instructor. Bryan has a passion for developing athletes both physically and mentally on the baseball diamond and in weight room.

Bryan Sanchez

Performance Director | Baseball Instructor

Phone: 763-398-9730