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Professional Players - Draft Picks & Free Agents

Blizzard players taken in the Major League Baseball Draft or signed professionally

Name Round Team Year
LHP Brad Hand 2nd Round Florida Marlins 2008
RHP Madison Boer 2nd Round Minnesota Twins 2011
RHP Travis Neubeck 7th Round Miami Marlins 2015
LHP Logan Ehlers 8th Round Toronto Blue Jays 2010
OF Logan Landon 10th Round LA Dodgers 2015
LHP Mike Strong 10th Round Milwaukee Brewers 2011
OF Justin Gominsky 11th Round Houston Astros 2011
RHP Jake Esch 11th Round Florida Marlins 2011
RHP Chase Hentges 14th Round Kansas City Royals 2008
OF Ryan Boldt 22nd Round Boston Red Sox 2013
LHP Mike Strong 25th Round Chicago White Sox 2010
LHP Dalton Sawyer 27th Round Minnesota Twins 2015
OF Joe Loftus 28th Round Minnesota Twins 2008
INF Dusty Coleman 28th Round Oakland Athletics 2008
RHP Logan Shore 29th Round Minnesota Twins 2013
OF Kris Goodman 32nd Round Miami Marlins 2015
C/OF Sam Ryan 33rd Round Minnesota Twins 2008
LHP/OF/1B Robert Youngdahl 37th Round Boston Red Sox 2011
RHP Ryan Hander 39th Round LA Dodgers 2009
INF Taylor Zeutenhorste 41st Round Philadelphia Phillies 2010
OF Joe Loftus 45th Round Arizona Diamondbacks 2011
LHP Ryan Bollinger 47th Round Philadelphia Phillies 2010
RHP David Ernst 47th Round Chicago Cubs 2011
INF Kash Kolkowski 49th Round Tampa Bay Rays 2008
LHP Sam Hentges 4th Round Cleveland Indians 2014
OF Max Murphy 9th Round Minnesota Twins 2014
RHP Paul Voelker 10th Round Detroit Tigers 2014
INF Pat Kelly 12th Round Minnesota Twins 2014
RHP Jason Hoppe 27th Round Texas Rangers 2014
RHP Mike Baumann 34th Round Minnesota Twins 2014
C/3B Brad Mathiowetz 35th Round Minnesota Twins 2014
INF Taylor Zuentenhorste 38th Round Seattle Mariners 2014
INF Max Casper Free Agent Sioux Falls Canaries 2012
RHP Andy Johnson Free Agent St. Paul Saints 2014
RHP Andrew Thome Free Agent Houston Astros 2015
RHP David Ernst Free Agent Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks 2015
RHP Jordan Risse Free Agent Sioux City Explorers 2016
C Aaron Gretz Free Agent St. Paul Saints 2016
RHP Logan Shore 2nd Round Oakland A's 2016
OF Ryan Boldt 2nd Round Tampa Bay Rays 2016
OF Alex Call 3rd Round Chicago White Sox 2016
LHP Dalton Sawyer 9th Round Oakland A's 2016
OF/C Matt Fiedler 9th Round St. Louis Cardinals 2016
LHP Zach Muckenhirn 11th Round Baltimore Orioles 2016
LHP Max Knutson 12th Round Baltimore Orioles 2016
SS Tyler Wolfe 39th Round Houston Astros 2016
RHP Jake Matthys Free Agent Gary Railcats 2017
RHP Mike Baumann 3rd Round Baltimore Orioles 2017
RHP Sam Carlson 2nd Round Seattle Mariners 2017
RHP Dominic Reed Free Agent Traverse City 2017